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Join an exclusive web development course, designed for English speakers throughout Israel aged 18-50. Learn to build websites in just 4 sessions, each 2 hours long. The course costs ₪2,500. Take the first step towards mastering web development and turning your ideas into reality. Sign up now and start creating today!


Got Questions? I'll answer all of them. No Commitment.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

No Coding Experience

This course is designed for complete beginners, requiring no background in coding or web development. With step-by-step instructions and user-friendly tools, you'll be able to create stunning websites with ease, regardless of your technical skills.

Personalized In-Person

Enjoy the advantages of in-person learning with direct guidance and support. The small class size ensures individual attention and a collaborative environment, enhancing your learning experience and allowing for tailored feedback and interaction.

Ongoing WhatsApp
Support Group

Join our WhatsApp group for questions, clarifications, and support during and after the course. You'll receive timely help and benefit from a supportive community throughout your website-building journey

Image by Mimi Thian

July - August 2024
(Exact dates TBA)

In Design City

Unlock your potential in web development with an exclusive English course tailored for English speakers. Gain hands-on skills to build websites effortlessly now for ₪2,500. Sign up now and transform your digital journey!

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